Fractional Leadership

We operate the fractional executive service with a group of partners, supporting companies through experienced leaders on a short-term basis to help restart the growth and manage change, transition, or crisis within an organization. With a flexible, scalable approach, fractional leaders can fill key gaps and provide critical expertise when needed.

When to Consider Fractional Management

Gap Filling When critical skills or expertise are missing or when a key employee is absent.

Change Management When a significant change is underway or when there is a need to implement organizational improvements.

Crisis Management When there is a crisis, such as a loss of key staff, a product recall or a major system failure.

Start Ups When limited resources for a full time CxO

Benefits of Fractional Management

Expertise 🎓 Fractional Leaders bring a wealth of industry expertise and experience to your organization, often with a fresh perspective that can help identify new opportunities for growth and development.

Flexibility 🤸engaged on a short-term basis, allowing you to rapidly scale your organization up or down to meet the needs of your business.

Cost-effectiveness 💰 providing a cost-effective solution for managing change and transition, without the long-term commitments of traditional recruitment.

Fractional Leadership Process

1. Assessment We work with you to understand your unique needs and determine the best approach for your organization.
2. Placement We select from our pool and place within your organization highly experienced leaders with the skills and expertise to meet your specific requirements. We provide ongoing support and management throughout the engagement.
3. Delivery Our fractional leaders provide immediate value, delivering results and driving change within your organization.
4. Review We regularly review on a weekly and monthly basis the engagement with you to ensure that we have delivered the results you expected and identify areas for future improvement.

Success Stories

Transformational Change

We helped a major retail company to transform their business, delivering significant improvements in sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Operational Improvement

We supported a manufacturing company to improve their operational efficiency, reducing costs and improving product quality.

Interim Leadership

We provided interim leadership for a software development company, enabling them to maintain business as usual while they recruited a permanent CEO.

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