MikeAlpha leaders have accumulated extensive experience internationally and locally in the production, services industry, and cross-sector consulting environment.  Our group has specific skills in workforce productivity and performance management, executive search, business coaching, employee engagement, and agile or waterfall project management.


  • you need to bridge the gap between the departure of a key employee and the arrival of their replacement (avoid the lengthy and costly recruitment process associated with hiring a full-time employee),
  • you need help with business transformation, change management,
  • you want board fresh perspectives, new ideas, and a wealth of experience to the table,
  • you want to navigate through challenging times and provide valuable insights to help you to succeed,
  • you enjoy when your business saves time and money,
  • you are looking to take your business to the next level, to drive change, innovation, and growth within your business,

book a free meeting today, we are keen for you to meet our managers as business partners and understand how we can enhance your organization.


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